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Bed Liners In St George

Pierce Performance has the widest selection of Rhino bed liners in St George. We’ve got:

  • RV service
  • Tuffgrip
  • Hardline
  • Hybrid
  • SolarMax
  • Extreme
  • EcoCoat
  • Color Match
  • Shine Ultra
  • Pro Cartridge System

No where in St. George can you get a better liner installation than here at Pierce Performance. Liners is one of our specialties.

Questions About Bed Liners In St George

If you have any questions about anything related to liners, make sure to give us a call: 435-900-1819.

Different Rhino Bed Liners In St George Explained

Rhino Tuffgrip

One of the toughest and strongest liners available. Also THE most popular. It’s most well-known feature is excellent slip resistance. Great impact, abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance.

Best used for truck beds and accessories. Examples include grille guards and side steps, horse and livestock trailers, and sports vehicles. Has both exterior and interior uses.

Rhino Hardline

The hardest bed liner on the market. Typically chosen for trucks involved in construction and industrial hauling. Basically any vehicle constantly at risk of scratching and heavy impact. Great slide feature makes taking items in and out very easy.

Like the Tuffgrip, the Hardline has really good overall resistance. And it usually costs less, as well. Best used for truck beds, pool and landscaping vehicles, rocker panels, and wheel wells Also floor boards, speaker boxes, diffusers, and trailers.

Rhino Hybrid

The newest liner from Rhino. Looks great while also providing corrosion, chemical, and impact resistance. Very flexible bond.

Best used for truck beds, commercial vehicles, tank lining, secondary containment, concrete restoration, and pipe lines.

Rhino SolarMax

Very tough spray-on liner with really strong color stability. The color protection is actually built in to the molecules. This is one of the longest-lasting bed liners you can buy. Also, this is not a topcoat.

Great all-around resistance, really good weather protection and very high tear resistance.

Best used for truck beds, paint replacement, outdoor adventures, marine activities, walkways, floors, walls, and decks. Also good for safety objects that require hard, bright colors (e.g. fire hydrands).

Rhino Extreme

The newest Rhino liner. This is a bed liner with industrial and commercial-grade quality. Excellent resistance. It’s called Extreme because of its ability to bond to pretty much everything. That includes fiberglass, concrete, wood, and metal.

Noise reduction, high resistance, and strong physical properties (elongation, tear, and tensile).

Best if used for vehicles that go on tough adventures in extreme weather. Hunters like this product because it can withstand any weather condition. Also great for blast mitigation and all uses stated in the Hybrid section above.

Rhino EcoCoat

This liner is designed to rejuvenate old trailer roofs and rec vehicles. Effective in repelling water. Creates a strong barrier via aluminum pigment and UV stabilizers. Has a high reflectivity index.

The design has no seams and lasts way longer than plastic sheet roofs. It’s very hard to damage and is very economical.

Rhino Shine Ultra

This product prevents your bed liner from fading over time. It has a high gloss, great chemical resistance, and protects from moisture as well as oxidation.

More Bed Liners In St George

Our selection is even more extensive than what you see here. If you’re wondering about a particular brand or style, let us know.