In-Ground Superflow Chassis Dyno

Chassis Dyno in St George

Our facility houses one of only two chassis dynos in Southern Utah. And ours is the only chassis dyno in St George that services personal and recreational vehicles. With it, we can:

  • Measure your vehicle’s horsepower and gas mileage
  • Perform load control and load testing assessments
  • Show you before-and-after upgrade comparison charts
  • and more!

Our dyno is a Superflow with two eddy breaks.

What Is So Great About A Chassis Dyno?

Having a chassis dyno in our facility changes everything for us in terms of two main things: (1) What we’re able to do for you and (2) the efficiency of our business.

Because we’re the only place in town serving standard vehicles with a chassis dyno, our business operates smoother which translates into better service to you. Time and manpower is saved because we:

  • do not need a CDL license to test certain vehicles.
  • don’t have to take the car on the road to test it, which means no road accident risk.
  • can easily recreate performance complaint issues.
  • have no drive time to get to any test sites.
  • can recreate reported issues in-house and replicate any load level (RPM, MPH).
  • don’t have to hook up a trailer.
  • eliminate the need to hire or pay test drivers.
  • get precise results from the device for instant credibilty and customer satisfaction.
  • reduce our risk of warranty coverage.
  • can simulate loaded conditions under inaccessible terrain.
  • have something much more precise than a manual test drive.
  • can test vehicles we’re interested in taking as a trade.

More Chassis Dyno Information

Just in case you don’t know, the word chassis is pronouced cha as in your friend Chad and sis as in see with your eyes. The on the end is silent. And the word dyno is short for dynamometer.

The chassis is the base frame of your vehicle. And a dyno is a tool that measures an engine’s power output. We hook up the chassis of your truck to the dyno. When we press on the gas, the wheels spin the rollers of the dyno while the vehicle remains stationary. The power is absorbed by the rollers.

With this phenomenal instrument, we can test rolling losses, aerodynamic losses, inertia, load capacity, emission drive cycles, and more. It’s a huge benefit to us as a company and to you as a patron. It truly allows us to reach our goal of providing the best and most precise service to every customer.

Chassis Dyno In St George

The next time you come over, we’d be happy to show you the chassis dyno. It’s awesome.